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Welcome, We are Aqua Filter Rodney

Hi, Steve here from Aqua Filter Rodney,

I want to tell you why I first started getting interested in water filtration in 1998. I had spent several years traveling our planet and was amazed at how the water tasted different in each part of the world. I experienced some amazing water in the Canadian Rockies, dreadful water in parts of Asia, and some terrible water from several Australian farmer’s bores.

Living in Snells Beach in 1998 I couldn’t believe how much chlorine was in the town supply, heaps more than what I had been used to in the UK or USA.  The whole house would stink when the dishwasher went on and it vented out into the kitchen, I couldn’t drink the water straight from the tap and every time I had a shower I thought I had been in a public swimming pool. I was also experiencing problems at a local college with their ‘slimy’ bore and rainwater; then we moved rurally, and we were harvesting our own rain water – with no filtration!

So in January 2001 with a lot of encouragement from a mentor I started my own business and set upon the adventure of fixing these water problems and issues.It turns out lots of people like my family are having water ‘issues’.

Dirty, smelly foul water were the main issues I started dealing with daily, and it’s still the same today

The business I started with my wife Dedge has grown consistently each year and now we host full time service technicians, schedulers, and customer service stars, all working from our Showroom and office  at 2 Mill Lane in Warkworth.

I rebranded to Aqua Filter in 2015, because I wanted access to superior products like our UV filter system range that automatically alarms if theres an issue, the Pre-Tank water filter that works without being a tea bag, Lead free ceramic internal tap-ware, quality under bench filtration products, steaming hot and cold systems and much more. The synergy that occurs being part of a larger group has rocketed us to being leaders in our industry in the Rodney District.

Other big changes for us
have been technology driven

The development of our ‘smart range’ of DAB water pumps, which will actually pay for themselves within 4-5 years in power saving. Smart ways of hot water heating with BOSCH Compress heat pump hot water cylinders also pay for themselves overtime in power savings too. This technology means we can help save you $$ on your home running costs.

Serving you well is the most important thing we do.

Service has always been the core of our business and it drives us to keep improving, serving you well is the most important thing we do. Karl our senior service technician heads up our service division, Karl has been servicing the rural lifestyle block customers for a long time and now is also  servicing the needs of our municipal / town water supply customers. We spend hundreds of hours training on service procedures for all the older filtration systems and also newer technology products like UV systems, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis and Rain Harvesting. This includes an understanding of the science behind water and its contaminants and how best to remove them. Karl also has a thorough understanding of water pump mechanics and troubleshoots water pump issues easily.

 takes pride in seeing you drink
the healthiest water possible  

Recently Karl initiated an upgrade programme where he is educating our clients the negative health effects from their older cast iron water pumps. Heavy metal poisoning is becoming a serious issue, and Karl could see the metals leaching through the filters he was servicing and into the water supply into the home. This has been well received by our clients who had no idea their water pump was adding toxins to their water supply! Karl’s likes to get on with the job and he takes pride in seeing you drink the healthiest water possible in your home. You might see Karl fishing in the bay, or riding his Harley Davidson.

Scheduling your filter service is Raewyn, she keeps us and you on track, with a filter system serviced regularly at its manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. Raewyn is highly efficient, a superb multi-tasker, and also looks after our showroom and offices when we are in the field servicing and installing new products. Raewyn also enjoys driving her MG around the country and walking the local beaches with her dog.

Book a service with Raewyn today

Keeping your relationship sweet with us is Linda, our accounts manager. With all the technology we now use, her role has been made much easier with up to date information and customer history readily available. Linda has been helping me keep the books straight since 2006. After keeping up with her grandkids, you may find her singing or gardening.

Why people like you call us
  • You have dirty, smelly, foul tasting water.
  • You don’t trust the water you’re drinking.
  • You want water free from chemicals or heavy metals.
  • Your harvesting rainwater and need a WoF for your rain harvesting set up.
  • You have no water! your water pump has stopped working.
  • You want to upgrade your water with better technology.
What we offer you is
  • On time servicing at your place, scheduled to suit you.
  • Sales, Service and Installation
  • Providing certified products, NSF, Watermark, WQA (Water Quality Association)
  • Certified Installers, trained service technicians.
  • Service for all major brands.
Our customers do business with us because
  • We offer peace of mind solutions and products.
  • We are a trusted service company, same clients for over 18 years.
  • We do what we say we will do.
  • We turn up when we say we will or contact you in advance.

I live with my family near Warkworth where we run Aqua Filter & Plumbing Rodney. We are very active in our local community as a family and also as a business. We actively support many local events and organisations like Springboard and our local Hospice who do so much for us in our local area. You may also see me on the kids soccer side-line, cricket boundary or dreaming of buying a 4×4 trials truck and competing at Nationals.

We service the whole of the Rodney District and for geographical reasons we also service Mangawhai, Kaiwaka, Te Hana and Wellsford in the north and Paremoremo, Okura and Albany Hills in the South.

if you don’t have a filter YOU are the filter .

In North Rodney we  cover the following areas Snells Beach, Algies Bay, Scotts Landing, Martins Bay, Warkworth, Leigh, Omaha, Pakiri, Pt Wells, Matakana, Kawau Island, Puhoi and Mahurangi West. Then as the Central Rodney area Silverdale / Hibiscus Coast we cover Millwater, Milldale, Whangaparoa, Manly, Stanmore Bay, Gulf Harbour, Red Beach and Orewa.

Out West Rodney we service Helensville, South Head, Shelly Beach, Port Albert, Glorit, Tapora, Tauhoa, Kumeu and Riverhead.

In South Rodney area we service Kaukapakapa, Wainui, Waitoki, Waiwera, Redvale, Dairy Flat, Coatesville, Paremoremo and Okura as these are all rural areas harvesting rain water.

That is a lot of area! We normally sweep through these areas several times per week, I am sure you have seen us on the road.

My tagline for 18 years has been “if you don’t have a filter, YOU are the filter”
Give me a call and we can work out how to stop you being the filter.


-Steve Reynolds

Aqua Filter & Plumbing Rodney.